The legendary Trans-Siberian Railway

28. August 2019Angelina Zueva Keller

Finally we managed to visit Siberia! Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk impressed us deeply. Our travel participant Darja kept a trip diary and shared her notes with us.

July 26th. Today we got to know Ekaterinburg. We were on a 4-hour city tour. The sun was shining, the information was very interesting. Afterwards we enjoyed a cool beer until we visited the Yeltsin centre, which illuminated the history of Yeltsin from his perspective.

July 27th. In the morning we went to a women's and a men's monasteries. We learned a lot about the Romanov family. There, where the monastery stands, the murdered tsar's family was taken and put into a pit. It is interesting that almost all churches were rebuilt from the year 2000. During the USSR many churches were destroyed. Therefore many churches are very young. In the afternoon we went to a car museum, which especially impressed the gentlemen in our team.

July 28th. We are on the most legendary railway route! We were on the train all day. We all slept well and a lot. It was very comfortable. Reading a book, watching videos, chatting- writing , looking out the window. - it is exactly as one would imagine his journey on the transibirian railway .

July 29th. We arrived in Novosibirsk. In the morning we drove to the Akademgorodok (city of science) and visited the geological museum. The tour was not only interesting, but also very amusing - thanks to the funny Olga, who is a professor of minerals. Later there was a tour through Akademgorodok - during the USSR scientists were able to performe their science freely without constant observation.

July 30th. We were almost the whole day on a city tour in Novosibirsk. We learned a lot about this city - it was very exciting. In the evening we took the train to Krasnoyarsk. We toasted our wonderful journey with beer and champagne. Soon we extinguished the lights.

July 31st. We arrived in Krasnoyarsk at 8 o'clock in the morning. It was cool and rainy. So we looked for a coffee in which we could warm up. At noon we went on a city tour and in the afternoon everyone went his own way. In the evening we met again for dinner.

August 1st. In the morning we went to the national park "Stolby". What a beauty! The vastness and the green of the Taiga are breathtaking. The walk should have taken much longer. In the afternoon everyone was on his own again. I took a walk on the river island.

August 2nd. In the morning we drove to a reservoir outside Krasnoyarsk. Our sailor, Igor, who had celebrated the day of the air troops, was in a good mood. We drove with the ship "Svetlana" around on the lake. It was wonderful - we could relax very much. After two hours we came back and drove to a viewing platform from where we had the best view of the river Jenissei. It was a hot day. In the evening we ate together for the last time. As always it was a funny evening. 03. August. Bye Siberia - it was wonderful with you!