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Learn more about us at our renowned school in the centre of Zurich, near Stadelhofen and Bellevue!

In the heart of Zurich

From the Stadelhofen railway station you can reach us within a two minute walking distance.


Our team consists of graduates in Slavonic Studies and Linguistics. Russian is our mother tongue.

Authentic experience

We combine learning the language with immersion into the Russian culture.

Focus Conversation

Our top priority is to develop your conversational Russian skills in everyday life, business and travel situations.

Performance Recognition

98% of our students pass the internationally recognised examinations: TELC and TRKI.


We are committed to fulfilling your wishes in the best possible way, whatever it might be – lesson-time, frequency, learning goals or topics.

Events, travel and news

26. Januar 2023Angelina Zueva Keller

Intensive course at the University of Belgrade

As part of the language programme of the Slavic Seminar of the University of Zurich, we were invited to participate in an intensive Russian course at the University of Belgrade. Our course participants were thrilled. Exciting lessons, a great cultural programme and fantastic food with musical accompaniment!

28. August 2022Angelina Zueva Keller

Theatre Evening "Oblomov

Today was the first theatre evening in the history of our school. We prepared a play based on Goncharov's novel "Oblomov". Of course, we presented a modern interpretation of the novel. The participants were students of A1 level and above. We thank them for this great piece! Our audience was thrilled and is looking forward to more performances!

9. Februar 2022Angelina Zueva Keller

Learning Russian is a lot of fun!

Learning Russian is not as difficult as you might think. Try it out and let us convince you! You can learn Russian with us and combine your family interests at the same time.

15. Oktober 2021Angelina Zueva Keller

We are 11 years old!

Our school was founded in 2010. Today we are 11 years old! We celebrated this milestone in the circle of our wonderful students. Over the years we have been able to give knowledge of the Russian language to a great number of people. This knowledge has come in handy at work, in the family, on a trip to Russia or Ukraine. We wish everyone success in learning Russian!

29. August 2021Angelina Zueva Keller

Our trip to Moscow during the Pandemic

Of course, it's not easy to travel during a pandemic. But our trip to Moscow was a success! We even had time to see unplanned sights and to try not only Russian, but also Uzbek and Georgian cuisine. We had a chance to visit our Russian collegues at their homes and dachas . Yes, it was great! We will come back to Moscow again.

8. Oktober 2020Angelina Zueva Keller

Cooking Russian Dishes is a lot of fun!

Nothing makes people so close to each other than sharing a meal together. Especially if it is prepared together. And, of course, the best way to get to know Russian culture and the Russian language is through the stomach :-)

Our customers

I have been enthusiastically learning Russian with Angelina since February 2010. Through her charming, kind and professional manner, I have been able to learn the basics of the Russian language as well as the cultural background with a lot of fun in just a few months. I am very happy to have her and look forward to many more Russian lessons.

Eva-Maria Lindner, Manager Communication

I have been attending Angelina's Russian course for a year now. I like the fact that the lessons focus on conversation and the immediate use of the newly learned language. There is a relaxed atmosphere that encourages you to put together sentences out of the scraps of language you have learned in the beginning - this makes for rapid progress and is fun.

Philipp Aeschlimann, Consultant

Angelina is perfectly predestined to meet the highest and most basic needs in equal measure. Whether it is the pitfalls of verbs of movement and number words, or a ukase by Peter the Great and a philosophical treatise on God's jesters - everything is treated by her with the same delicacy. The student is thus able to open his door into the immeasurable realm of Russian language and culture. But he has to enter it himself.

Philippe Rüfenacht, Tax Manager

Angelina created a tailor-made plan for me, which we went through step by step. She is a very competent teacher who has good methods of teaching you the Russian language. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you!

Daria Chichkina, Real estate trading

Angelina is a highly talented and experienced teacher who can communicate the spirit of Russians and their way of thinking as well as the essentials of their language. Her cheerful and good humoured nature with her infectious enthusiasm really turns the whole task of learning Russian into an absorbing and stimulating experience. From my first lesson Angelina quickly got to know my strengths and weaknesses and taught me in a very effective way that suited my needs and personality superbly. I very quickly grew to love and understand the language with a real sense satisfaction and achievement. Russian is not an easy language to learn. It takes time, effort and perseverance. But if you want to turn it into adventure where you can learn to speak this fascinating language correctly and confidently in the best & quickest possible way for you then I can whole-heartedly recommend Angelina as your teacher.

Bob Davis, IT Business Consultant

Suddenly Russian, long forgotten, was in demand again. Angelina's varied and professional lessons helped. After only three months, I could already make a toast at the table in Russia, and after six months I could do it without vodka.

Hans Knut Raue, Sales Manager

Angelina is a very experienced teacher. She structures the lessons clearly and also caters to the needs of the students. She not only imparts language knowledge, but also knowledge about the country and people in Russia. Learning Russian with Angelina means approaching the language and culture with a lot of fun and motivation.

Lucia Döbeli, Public Affairs

I have been taking Russian lessons with Angelina for 2 years. She convinces and inspires me on various levels. Not only is she able to motivate the students with her extremely lively and refreshing manner, but she also has the ability to explain complex linguistic contexts in a very understanding and concise manner. In Angelina's lessons, you don't feel like an intimidated student in a stubborn frontal lesson, but rather in a colourful adventure park or interactive theatre, where you not only have a lot of fun, but also acquire an extremely demanding language step by step at the same time.

Pascal Imhof, Executive Director