Near Stadelhofen train station, Zurich
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The language school with the Russian soul

Learn about the "Russian soul" in our renowned school in the centre of Zurich, near Stadelhofen.

In the heart of Zurich

From the Stadelhofen railway station you can reach us within a two minute walking distance.


Our team consists of graduates in Slavonic Studies and Linguistics. Russian is our mother tongue.

Authentic experience

We combine learning the language with immersion into the Russian culture.

Focus Conversation

Our top priority is to develop your conversational Russian skills in everyday life, business and travel situations.

Performance Recognition

98% of our students pass the internationally recognised examinations: TELC and TRKI.


We are committed to fulfilling your wishes in the best possible way, whatever it might be – lesson-time, frequency, learning goals or topics.

               We will gladly prepare you for the internationally recognized Russian language certificates: TRKI and TELC! Next exam date for TRKI is end of May. TELC (A1-A2) is possible at any time.    

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Events, travel and news

Learning Russian is a lot of fun!

Learning Russian is not as hard as you might think. Try it out and let us convince you! You can learn Russian with us and combine your family interests at the same time.

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Happy New Year and merry Christmas!

Happy New Year and merry Christmas!
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Don't forget that Christmas in Russia is celebrated on the 7th of January. 
We wish you happiness, health and many fantastic trips to Russia in the year 2022. Travel with us!

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We are 11 years old!

Our school was founded in 2010. Today we are 11 years old!  We celebrated this milestone in the circle of our wonderful students. Over the years we have been able to give knowledge of the Russian language to a great number of people. This knowledge has come in handy at work, in the family, on a trip to Russia or Ukraine. We wish everyone success in learning Russian!


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Our trip to Moscow during the Pandemic

Of course, it's not easy to travel during a pandemic. But our trip to Moscow was a success! We even had time to see unplanned sights and to try not only Russian, but also Uzbek and Georgian cuisine. We had a chance to visit our Russian collegues at their homes and dachas . Yes, it was great! We will come back to Moscow again. 

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