Russian Christmas 2017

13. Januar 2017Angelina Zueva Keller

Celebration of the Russian Old New Year and a theme evening about the journey to Russian-speaking countries. The celebration was in Russian style and included a visit by father Frost, a range of Russian dishes and drinks, games and presents. Our students made this evening even more exciting with fascinating stories about their travels to Russia.

On January 13th we celebrated Russian Old New Year with our students. The evening began with a Russian banquet. Russian salad, herring under the fur coat, caviar, pelmeni, Russian kvass, vodka and Ukrainian gorilka made the guests very happy. The father Frost visited us surprisingly and played games about Russian superstition and rituals. The students, who really solved Froste's tasks, received Russian souvenirs as a gift.

In addition to playing, eating and celebrating, our students reported on their travels in Russian, of course. The reports concern Saint-Peterburg and Moscow, Lake Baikal and Trans-Siberian Railway, Solovetsky Island and Arkhangelsk and more. The evening would have lasted even longer, but unfortunately it was already time to say goodbye to us with the celebration of the Old New Year and to land in the presence of everyday life.