Russian Summer Celebration!

1. Juni 2018Angelina Zueva Keller

We began this summer with a Russian celebration. Indeed, we did not miss any opportunity to practice "applied linguistics". Of course, with a lot of fun and enjoyment.

We started with the lesson "eating and drinking" and finished with singing the most popular Russian folk songs, such as Kalinka and Katjuscha. Some of our 40 guests (we are not going to name them) impressed us deeply by their singing. And because there is nothing more beautiful than celebrating Summer altogether, we continued our Russian evening with a special beauty training, led by our guest of honor Alfiya from Kazan. She gave us a few tips on how to preserve our youthful appearance under all circumstances. Following the words of the greatest Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky 'Beauty will save the world' we performed those beauty exercises with great zeal.

It was and it is always a great pleasure for us to have so many people from so many nations with us, who learn Russian because of different reasons. All guests are welcome: beginners in the Russian language, advanced learners and just those who come to parties to celebrate with us. So we hope to have another good reason to celebrate with you soon. Otherwise, we will find one.