„Voice of America“-Journalist is with us again!

20. Juli 2018Angelina Zueva Keller

And once again we are welcoming at our school Yulia Savchenko, a journalist of the Voice of America. She has been working in Washington for the past 8 years and her weekly show “Current time. Itogi ” features politicians, human rights activists, reporters and experts. We were really lucky that Yulia, while traveling in Switzerland, agreed to come and talk to our students in person. In 2016, we talked to Yulia via Skype right before the US president’s inauguration in Washington.

Yulia this time around was available to talk to us about the Voice of America and her work as a seasoned international journalist. We also engaged in a conversation about the current affairs and the latest news from the NATO summit in Brussels. We watched several episodes from Yulia’s show where experts discussed the latest from this important international events. Damon Wilson of the Atlantic council in Washington was one of the experts who participated in the summit. He shared his opinion about the foreign affairs approach of the US president Donald Trump and elaborated on the idea of “creating drama and conflict around big international events” and then resolving it «triumphantly».

We really enjoyed this discussion with Yulia. With her help our students not only deepened their knowledge of political terminology, but also broadened their horizons of understanding of international affairs. We are thankful for Yulia Savchenko’s time, that she spared to spend in ourschool and talk about her experience of a Russian-language journalist, working overseas.