Mini Groups

Lernen Sie Russisch, Ukrainisch oder Kroatisch/Serbisch in kleinen Gruppen. Wir achten auf ein ähnliches Sprachniveau, so dass alle Teilnehmenden ideal voneinander profitieren. Wir bieten unsere Kurse neu im Hybrid-Unterricht an. Sie entscheiden von Woche zu Woche, ob Sie online oder offline lernen möchten.

Private Lessons

Everything is possible at our language studio! You determine the number of hours per day and the length of the course. The pace and content of the lessons is adjusted to your needs and abilities. Besides, you will have the teacher’s full attention, which helps you to reach your goals quickly. With delight, we will discuss your goals and wishes and adjust the content, course goals and teaching methods to your needs.

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Corporate Clients

Is your company active in Russia or in the Ukraine, or do you have business relations with other Russian-speaking countries?

We make sure that you succeed in communicating with your business partners.