Belarus: the province and Minsk

11. Juni 2019Angelina Zueva Keller

Learning Russian isn't easy! But if you are forced on a journey to speak Russian all the time, then you achieve success ! Our students experienced it on their trip to Belarus. During 5 days we visited the Belarusian village Radoschkovichi and the capital Minsk. Our participant of the trip Raphael Rutar reports.

By plane we went with a stopover in Vienna to the capital Minsk, where we were picked up by taxi. In Radoschkovichi each participant could stay within 4 days with a host family and last night we spent in a hotel in the capital.

There were various insights into the Belarusian culture, on the one hand we experienced a not touristic atmosphere while staying in the village with the host family and being invited to other local families. On the other hand we had trips to Minsk und visied a music school, the state tractor factory and had guided tour in Minsk.

Through the frequent contact with the host family in the evening, the excursions in Russian as well as the wonderful lessons of the two tour guides Galina and Mascha I was able to deepen and improve a lot my oral skills in Russian.