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Ekaterina Kovaleva

Arte et humanitate, labore et Scientia. This Latin saying means “art and humanity, labour and knowledge”. I believe that these are essential qualities for becoming a teacher, especially a teacher of foreign language. As a language teacher I put all my efforts into helping my students succeed. I really love working with people and helping them to learn the Russian language and culture.

I have completed the Master of Education program with a major in Foreign Language Education at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania (USA) and have a summa cum laude diploma. This has helped me to improve my applied skills and learn new research-based teaching techniques and methods. I strongly believe that learning a language requires a broader approach than focusing only on grammar and that is why I always include some cultural, historical, and other elements in my classes. Additionally, I focused on the motivational strategies for adult foreign language learners in my Master’s thesis. You can therefore be sure that I understand your concerns and know how to overcome them. Currently, I lead a Russian Conversation Table and am an official Russian language tutor at the University of Pittsburgh in the US.

I have experience in teaching English and Russian for more than one year and have been teaching at the Russian Language Studio for half a year. After having lived in the US, I am now very proud to be working again with this highly professional team.


  • 2015-2017 Master of Education, Major in Language Teaching

    University of Pittsburgh, USA

  • 2004-2008 Capital Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow

    Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Teaching English as a Second Language

  • 2000-2004 Moscow State Technical University “MAMI”, Moscow

    Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Major in Economic Analysis

Work Experience

  • 2012-2014 Teacher for Russian and English 

    The Russian Language Studio, Zurich

  • 2017 - present
    Russian Teacher

    University of Pittsburgh,  USA

  • 2018 - todya Russian Teacher

    The Russian Langguage Studio, Zurich