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Russisch A2

Are you looking for a suitable course to complete the A2 level in Russian? Then consider taking this course. 

How are requests formulated in Russian, how are recommendations and a piece of advice given? How are requests, needs and prohibitions expressed in private and working life? You will learn all these themes in this course. Challenging complex topics for example verbs aspects formation will be constantly developed by talking about education, mass media and travel. Your active vocabulary will contain about 1300 words.

Material:  Jasno! A1/A2, Klett. We start with the lesson 13. 

Participation certificate upon successful participation.


Successful completion of A1 level. 

Trial lesson: After the first two lessons you can decide if you want to continue with the course. If not, you pay neither for these lessons nor for the course. 


If you have registered for the course but did not appear at the class, you will be charged CHF 50. If you are absent for a day or two during the course and you tell us about your absence before the course start, we will reduce the course price accordingly.