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Russian A1/1

Have you already made your first steps in Russian, and would you like to continue learning this challenging language? Then register for this course.

In this course you will lay the foundation for your Russian language. You will be able to conduct simple conversations in everyday situations such as: introduce yourself to your business partners, talk in simple sentences about leisure and holidays, order food in a restaurant and buy Russian goods in a shop. Your active vocabulary will consist of about 400 words.


Russkij Suwenir  A1. 


Confirmation upon successful participation.


You know Russian alphabet, you are capable of reading in Russian and saying a few words about yourself.

Trial lesson:

After the first two lessons you can decide if you want to continue with the course. If not, you pay neither for these lessons nor for the course.


If you have registered for the course but did not appear at the class, you will be charged the whole course price. If you are absent for a day during the course and you tell us about your absence before the course start, we will reduce the course price accordingly.