Teaching methodology

Our teaching approach uses modern methods to develop your ability to communicate in the Russian language. Our main methodological principles cover the following aspects:

Client-oriented teaching: You are central to the lesson.

We are open to your wishes and learning goals. We create an individual curriculum for you. This means that the lessons content, learning material and the methodology as well as the duration of the course will be adjusted to your specific requirements, interests, goals and individual conditions.

The Communicative approach

Although we design a course which corresponds to your wishes, we put much stress on developing your communicative skills in the Russian language. To improve your ability to effectively use the language we apply a communicative approach. From the very first lesson we will speak solely in the Russian language. Through our specific teaching techniques you will be able to understand lessons and participate in the class with great ease. You will learn Russian in original texts, role-play, simulations of everyday life situations and topical discussions. In addition, you will have access to modern textbooks along with audio-visual material. Indeed, if necessary, we will use English or German to assist you in understanding complicated grammatical rules or for translating texts.

Online help and links

For supporting you also outside of the classroom, you will find here some linke to online help, mobile apps und travel information