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Mini Groups

Learn, read and speak Russian in groups with only 3-5 members.. We offer courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced. It is important for us to form motivated groups where all participants can fully benefit from each other. 

  • Number of participants 3-5 persons
  • Focus on Russian communication
  • Your personal learning goals are considered 
  • In addition to the course and on demand: individually tailored lessons via Skype for only CHF 65 à 60 minutes
  • Registration and preparation for the internationally recognized examinations TELC and TRKI


The Next Courses


Level A1+

Monday, 19:20 - 20:40

Ongoing course, joining possible at any time

Have you already made your first steps in Russian, and would you like to continue learning this challenging language? Then register for this course.

  • 22 lessons
  • 3-6 students
  • on Request


Absolute Beginner

Thursday, 17:45 - 19:05

Ongoing course, joining possible at any time

Sie möchten gerne Russisch lernen, stehen aber noch ganz am Anfang? Hier finden Sie den richtigen Einstieg!

  • 20 lessons
  • 3-6 students
  • on Request