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Mini Groups

Learn, read and speak Russian in small groups of 3-5 participants. We offer courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.

It is important to us to find a good group match for you, so that all participants could benefit from each other in the ideal way. 

Private lessons

Everything is possible at our language studio! You decide upon the number of lessons per day and the length of the course. The tempo of the lessons and their content will be adjusted to your demands and to your language abilities.

Besides, you enjoy the entire teacher’s attention which helps you to achieve good results within a shorter period. 

corporate clients

Is your company active in Russia or in the Ukraine, or do you have business relations with other Russian-speaking countries?

 We make sure that you succeed in communicating with your business partners.

Skype Lessons

With this special package you will learn Russian individually with your Russian teacher via Skype and come to us for group lessons once a month.

You will test your progress in the group and discuss difficult topics directly with us in the classroom.

Writing Courses

Train your Russian vocabulary and grammar in writing! The training course Russian Writing for levels A2 to C2 is dedicated to writing texts in Russian, be it e-mails, postcards, presentations or lectures. 

You determine the course start and learning time individually.