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Interview with "Voice of America" Journalist and the Duma Deputy

Unbelievable: Debates with Voice of America journalist Yulia Savchenko and Duma deputy Alexander Pashkov. In a Skype meeting, our students had the opportunity to discuss Russia's foreign and domestic policy with these two experts on Russia and to learn about the relationship between Russia and the US in the face of the election of Donald Trump.

Yulia Savchenko is a journalist and a presenter at "Voice of America", the official stately foreign channel of the US. She joined us directly from Washington just in the middle of preparations for the Donald Trump’ inauguration. The Duma deputy Alexander Pashkov answered the questions afterward. Here you can find those questions:

  • How did you both find your way into politics and journalism and how did your career go?
  • What kind of education and experience should one bring with in order to succeed in your professions?
  • What difficulties may happen in your work as a journalist or politician?
  • How is your job compatible with your private life?

  • How will the media and politics of both countries look like in the future?

  • How will Trump's presidency affect Russian-US relations?

In addition, our students were able to report on the political situation in Switzerland and discuss the differences between the Russian and Swiss societies. After these two exciting Skype talks, everyone enjoyed a delicious Russian dinner.